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St.Marys Premier Karate, Kickboxing & Self-Defense Centre

  All of our programs are structured, disciplined and high energy in a friendly family environment you and your children will not only thrive in but enjoy. In addition to learning proper skills, every student will experience and practice other life skills including:

** How to Focus their energy

** Self-Control at home and in other settings

** A Respectful attitude towards family & others

** An Increase in Self-Confidence

** Enhanced Cardio and Conditioning

** and many more!

From being goal oriented and achieving your Black belt to blasting through a Cardio Kickboxing class or feeling confident with your new found knowledge in self-defense, Stonetown Karate Centre wants to welcome you to a new beginning .

Junior Karate Classes and Lessons

Junior Karate

 Give your child a Positive start on life with our High Energy Fun-filled Motivational programs.  Our Junior Karate program for ages 5 to 13 years provides your child with Social Interaction, New Friendships and Improved:

** Focus & Listening

** Motor & Coordination

** Listening & Concentration

** Levels of Respect

** Self-Control

** Fitness

** Basic Self-Defense Skills

But in does not end there, aside from martial arts skills Our curriculum also includes Personnel development learning with different themes every month including Responsibility, Kindness, Perseverance etc. 

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Karate Fitness Kickboxing classes and lessons

Adult Karate

Our Adult Karate Program incorporates a perfect blend of traditional Shotokan Karate techniques and knowledge combined with modern self-defense  and fitness giving you a curriculum with a real purpose. Our students notice improvements in reduced stress, increased strength and flexibility along with a heightened confidence boost. While you strive towards your Black Belt you will learn self-defense techniques from very easy to learn defense systems making you safer and more secure. From hand to hand combat to weapon attacks we show you practical ways to defend yourself and your family.  Whether you start with your children in our Family class or would like more than just a fitness routine our professional Martial Arts centre is for you. 

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Cardio Kickboxing Self Defense Fitness classes

Adult Kickboxing​

With today's Work Pressures, Family Needs, Health Concerns and Time Demands it's Time to look after YOU!

Whether your dealing with Excessive Weight, Lack of Flexibility, Lack of Motivation, Lack of Confidence or Lack of Social Interaction we have a Great Program for You.

Our Cardio Kickboxing class will give you total body conditioning and has been formulated to help you Achieve Better Health and a New You with the added benefit of a group format class for great support. ​

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tiny champs little dragons toddler activities

Little Ninja's Karate​

Our Little Ninja Karate program is a fantastic introduction to karate. Our extremely fun and entertaining class provides the basic karate techniques preparing your child for their journey into our Junior Karate Program where they will start to learn more advanced karate techniques and life skills while striving for their junior black belt.  Along with the physical development, a student should develop better concentration, focus and listening skills. This program also teaches children some basic self-defense techniques. When a student graduates from this program, they will enter into our Junior Karate program as an advanced white belt.

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cardio kickboxing martial arts lessons boxing

Junior Kickboxing​

Our Junior Youth Kickboxing program is a great program for kids who don’t want the traditional techniques of Karate. This is a fantastic program for getting and staying in shape as well as learning a very practical form of self-defence.

    This High Energy Kickboxing class includes: Heavy Bag work, (punches, kicks, elbow strikes, kicking drills), Partner drills, and Pad work in addition to core strengthening exercises and Cardio workouts.

    Kickboxing classes are a great way for your child to make new friends, build Confidence, Social skills, Coordination and Balance with the added benefit of releasing all that energy in a positive and disciplined manner. 

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Have Your Birthday Party with US!


Enjoy 2 hours of Karate Fun, Energy and Excitement! Break Boards in front of Your Friends. Highlighted by the cutting of the Birthday Cake with a REAL Samurai SWORD! Your Friends will be Talking about your Party for Months.

Book Your Childs birthday party now!

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"Fantastic facility with incredibly well run programs. Our boys love their classes! Thank you for helping my boys develop their "ninja" skills."

Tamzin Ashley

Essential Oil Educator / Wellness Advocate

at doTERRA Essential Oils

"This is an amazing place. Our 4 years Nate had so much fun in the junior ninja class. He can't wait to go back for his next class."


Service Manager

"My boys love this place. Family owned and run like everyone is family!"

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Heather Quick

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