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Month of February 2021

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St.Marys Premier Karate, Cardio-Kickboxing and Self-Defense Academy

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Quick Targetted Daily Workouts for Everyone!

Enjoy a new guided ab workout video each day that targets your core muscles.

Quick daily challenges that easily fit into any daily schedule. under 10 minutes each.

Heart healthy meal plan with recipes, weekly shopping lists & weekly planned meals.

A Bonus ab challenge at the end of every week for the extra dedicated.

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You will have lifetime access to all the videos plus the meal plan!


 Be a member of an exclusive Private Facebook group to gain encouragement, share your wins and benefit from bonus content! 

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We have been extremely fortunate to have people just like you support our local Karate & Cardio-Kicboxing academy in St.Marys Ontario by continuing training with our live virtual classes while our physical doors are closed due to the pandemic and...

We Want to Give Back with the  "You Rock" Ab Challenge

You are absolutley the best, we thank you for supporting us and hope you enjoy your lifetime access to this challenge!!!

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"You Rock" Ab Challenge

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St.Marys Premier Karate, Cardio-Kickboxing and Self-Defense Academy


Do I need any workout equipment to participate?

You sure don't, Our weekly ab challenge videos are done with no equipment. If you would like to participate in the weekend bonus round challenges you will require equipment. Pull-up bar, Physio-Ball, Resistance Band and a weighted object (ie.small ball,weighted plate,bumbell)

Will I be able to repeat the Challenge when it's finished?

Absolutely! Once registered you will have continued access to the "You Rock Ab Challenge" Facebook group where you can repeat the entire ab challenge anytime you like.

Is there any cost to join?

NO! All the content for this ab challenge is absolutely FREE! if you register before February 28th 2021

What is the meal plan?

The meal plan consists of heart healthy plant based recipes, weekly shopping lists and weekly meal plans. Our goal is not to change your diet but to introduce you to other heart healthy meals to help you out during the challenge. If you are not already on a plant based lifestyle, try replacing 1 meal a day with on of these meals.

What fitness level do I need to be to participate?

One of the benefits of this challenge is that it's designed to challenge you at any fitness level. From beginner to advance complete each days challenge to the best of your ability. 

If I don't get started on February 1st will I still have acces to all the videos?

Absolutely! You will have access to all videos and start them in any order at anytime and be able to repeat them if you wish.

How do I access to "You Rock" Ab Challenge Videos and Meal Plan?

All Content for this ab challenge will be availabe through our Private "You Rock Ab Challenge" Facebook Group. Once registered you will receive an email with a link to access the group. We have created this group so eveyone can support each other throughout the challenge.

  You Are the Best!

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St.Marys Premier Karate, Cardio-Kickboxing and Self-Defense Academy

Stonetown Karate Centre Inc. 29 Wellington Street South St. Marys, ON N4X 1A8 (519) 284-0614
Stonetown Karate Centre Inc. 29 Wellington Street South St. Marys, ON N4X 1A8 (519) 284-0614


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