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Unlimited Classes

That's right! every membership includes unlimited classes per month (2/week available).

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Join us In-Person or Live every Tuesday & Thursday evening from 7:30pm to 8:20pm.

Amazing Cardio Workout

Experience a 50 minute non-stop high energy cardio workout that will be sure to get a sweat on. 

Bonus Workout Videos

Oh Yes! You will have access to bonus workout videos.

Valentines Cardio Kickboxing Special

4 Weeks for $49

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Treat Yourself to a Healthier You!

We recognize the flaws and mind-numbing boredom that can come along with some other gym-bound activities. Here at Stonetown Karate, we have designed classes to work your butt off, but it will feel effortless becau​se of how much fun you will have and how engaged you will feel with other participants. Even better, unlike aerobics class, the moves in Kickboxing have some real-life application. As you punch, jab, and protect your face from an imaginary attacker, you’re learning to protect yourself.


For the Healthier and Confident   You

Cardio-Kickboxing classes help increase self-esteem, build confidence and increase mental wellness.

Cardio Kickboxing builds strength, flexibility and endurance.

Cardio-Kickboxing strengthens the mind-body connection, improves concentration, and encourages discipline and goal-setting.

Cardio Kickboxing improves cardiovascular fitness and overall health.

Cardio Kickboxing and Self-Defense for Adults
Cardio Kickboxing for all levels of Fitness
Great Workout High Energy Cardio Kickboxing Classes
Men and Women Cardio Kickboxing in St.Marys Ontario

Cardio kickboxing is a good fitness choice for those looking to burn calories for weight loss, or to improve stamina and heart health. People who become easily bored with stationary cardio equipment like treadmills and stair steppers will enjoy the fast pace classes with our  cardio-kickboxing program.

Our adult cardio-kickboxing program is a non-contact workout, with punchs &kicks thrown on bags, shields and focus pads with partners. Best of all you don't need any martial arts or boxing experience, Everyone is welcome! Zero fitness to high level athletes will benefit from this program. 

4 Weeks for ONLY $49 

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